My cycling life started about 10 years ago when I was commuting 8 miles on public transport. Then there was a one day rail strike, and at the station the inspector told me, jokingly that I ought to cycle anyhow. I was miffed, tried the ride and never used the train again!

My first good cycle was my Trice. Some say recumbents are radical, to me they seem the logical answer to cycling, unencumbered as I am by conventional produce. My approach is to always try and discover the best solution, not just follow the masses, so many experts often have no real depth of experience in their field, and there's no substitute for doing it. It's good to learn from others mistakes but so often there is a better alternative to the mass marketed conventional approach. In the same way as a sailor, I sail multihulls, rather than conventional yachts.

The Ross recumbent, was brought as a frame from Martin another recumbent enthusiast who coincidently lives around the corner. Martin had done John O'Groats to Lands End on it, among other major rides. I built it up to it's current state. It's even faster than the Trice and cornering is unbelievable, you can be leaning over at 45 degrees and still peddle. On uphills you need to be able to spin those peddles in the lowest gear, it hurts on big hills, but you soon get the hang of it. Traffic is not so sympathetic to you on these as compared to the Trice.

This road bike is another frame I got off Martin and built up for commuting into London. It has double side pull breaks which I have found more effective than hydraulic ones I have used. I have a ceramic rim on the front which gives great breaking in the wet. The gears are ergo power which means you change gear just by the break levers, expensive and good. This is a fast mean bike and was used for a year when I used to cycle 15 miles, each way, into London every day.

These days it's a 26 mile each way ride to work, but I still do it sometimes.

If you're new to cycling or doing distance, here's my guide to get you going. The club to join for long distance riding is AUDAX UK. They organise some brilliant rides I've done quite a few 200km rides, several 300km rides and one 400km (yes 250 miles) ride in just over 24 hours. See my other cycling page for more details on this.

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